How to design the perfect gaming website

When browsing the web, it’s easy to be judgemental of the websites we visit. This one doesn’t offer great accessibility. This one’s navigation is weak. Why don’t they have a clearer font? What’s up with the imagery?

There’s more to building a functional, easy-to-use, pleasant-to-look-at website than meets the eye. Especially when it comes to gaming websites.

We’ve done a bit of browsing around, and have found a couple sites that have successfully designed and created gaming sites. We’ve  decided to break it down, and discuss exactly how these online gaming sites have created user-friendly, successful gaming sites.

Overall appeal

Fabulous bingo  is an excellent example for overall appeal. These guys deserve some serious branding credit. Their landing page is true to the brand, they’ve stuck to their colour pallet of white, pink and black, which means that the eye is immediately at ease when looking at the page. The layout of the website is clear, neat and does not overwhelm the visitor. There are minimal flashing elements – something many of the competing sites tend to overdo.


The navigation for a website needs to be clear and obvious. Say goodbye to tabs within tabs within tabs. Think about how the user feels. If they are faced with a labyrinth of tabs when trying to find information, they will most probably leave your website and visit a different one.

Avoid disguising

Avoid navigation panels in layers of complex code. Rather opt for simple and easy to use.

Easy to sign up

Offer visitors a clear “join now” panel on your landing page. This should be appealing, and exciting. It should also entice visitors to sign up and join quickly.


Divide your content into clear categories if you have a lot of different categories so that the visitor is not overwhelmed. Miniclip has successfully categorized games so that visitors on their website can easily select games that interest them.

Sign up or sign out

Getting visitors to sign up to your website is no easy task. If your website looks appealing, has interesting content and games, chances are people will want to return. If a visitor has not yet signed himself in to your website, we recommend making use of a float box that appears on the screen, asking the visitor to sign up. This float box should be slick and inviting. Arc Games have an aesthetically pleasing float box that got us to sign up in no time.


Websites like Online Gaming Community have created an online community that is ready and waiting to welcome you. This website is focused around creating a supportive community for all the major soccer simulation video games.

This sense of community gives the site and brand a warm, welcoming appeal. It also proves that the company cares about the players who frequent their site. Online presence is one thing, but building a content online community is a whole other ball game.
There are so many online gaming websites out there. So you really want to crate a website that stands out from the crowd. Our suggestion? Keep it clean, simple and user-friendly. Make sure that you have created an easy to navigate, visually appealing, welcome website where people would want to return to.

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