Things to remember while designing a logo

When you design a new logo there are many questions you need to ask yourself during the process. Questions about style, colours, size and lettering can be overwhelming at times, but the main question you should be asking yourself is “what am I trying to say with this logo?” This question should cut to the […]

4 Important Things Commonly Ignored When Setting up an eCommerce Site

Many people can get so excited about building an eCommerce site that they forget several important things. In haste, website owners tend to launch the site without making sure that the site looks good, functions well and is secure. When they realize there are still things needed to be done, it’s usually too late. Kissmetrics […]

Get To Know The Advantage of Analytics for Ecommerce

Once you have your online store up and running, the next step is to setup your analytics and track your progress. With analytics you can tell how your website is doing, whether or not your online marketing campaigns are driving traffic, and what keywords are attracting the most customers. Analytics for ecommerce are a little […]

Affordable Solutions for Building a Better Mobile Website

There is no getting around having a mobile website if you are a business and you want to succeed. Of course, since the mobile website is so important, making sure the site is set up correctly is of the utmost importance. Too many businesses are afraid of the costs associated with building a mobile website. […]

Distinguishing Your Site from Everyone Else’s

When you start to create an online presence, you might be tempted to just use a site like or and customize their templates a bit. That’s not your best option, though. Most sites like that make you look like just another blogger, rather than someone stepping out of the crowd and making a […]

Interview with Chris Spooner of SpoonGraphics and Line25

Freelance designer extraordinaire Chris Spooner talks to us about design and his work, in this interview.

7 examples of innovative effects and techniques in webdesign

Over the years, CSS and Javascript has enabled clever designers to come up with innovative tricks and solutions to common design challenges. This is a roundup of my favorite resizing/positioning/animations/Javascript trickery.

Preview sites in various resolutions with View Like Us

View Like Us is a website that lets you preview sites in various resolutions, in a very convenient.

Texture King: Free texture downloads

Texture King is a free texture resources website, which allows free personal and commercial use of their textures.

Best free PHP learning resources for beginners

A roundup of free and quality resources to learn the popular web scripting language, PHP.